Terms of Service

1. Do not send text messages to our business lines (this includes the line that was used for your reading).
2. If you need to contact us please do so using one of the contact forms.

3. If you do not confirm your reading, you are not confirmed for a reading.

4. If you need to reschedule your reading, please do so vie the reschedule option in our appointment scheduler. Do not call us in order to reschedule or confirm your reading.

5. If you miss your reading, for ANY reason, your offering will not be refunded.

6. You must call the reading number at your confirmed time for your consultation. You will be given a 5 minute grace period. If you do not call within that time, your reading will be canceled.

7. Your reading will not be longer than the time your scheduled for. If you are gifted with extra time, please respect the fact that this is a gift and not an obligation on our part.

8. If the offering for your reading is not received 24 hours before your reading, your reading will be canceled.

9. The appointment scheduler is very intuitive and will walk you through the process of making an appointment. Please do not call the reading line to contact Chief Yuya for your customer service needs. If you need technical assistance or if you have general questions in regards to scheduling time or our services please contact us at 1-800-ANU-LIVING or Questions@ANUNation.org.

10. You are required to record your own reading. At times we may record it for you and send you a copy but, this is a free gift that we provide with your reading. Recordings will be sent out between 1-3 days after your reading.

11. Please position yourself in a quiet and calm space for your reading. Background noises and interruptions can greatly compromise your reading. In the event that this happens, it is not the responsibility of “Eye of HRU” to provide you with anything other than what you have scheduled. So, take responsibility for the quality of your reading on your end. We will always insure that we are in a quiet place and spirit to properly consult with you.

12. If we let you know you will be gifted with any prescriptions or instructions after your reading, please allow for 1-5 days to receive them.