Free Psychic Reading

free psychic reading

Free psychic readings usually have their place in  as an introduction to a more in-depth and specific reading.  We look for free because we want to test the water first before committing a portion of our earnings to something.  This is entirely understandable.

A free psychic reading  give the client a chance move past any cultural  programmed fear that would make them hesitate.  When coming into the world of the knower one has to diligently move beyond their irrational fear of truth.

We are molded in Western society to conform and to be fake because that makes one easier to control. If one can predict what someone will desire and how they will act based on preset boundaries then that will give a  measurable (as in dollar amounts) control of one’s life situation.

But when you begin to move beyond the veil and begin to open your awareness to different things you draw yourself closer to the real you.

This is a dangerous activity because then your measurable contribution cannot be counted in the budget of those who would have you remain blind.

Though they have mechanisms to draw you back into the world of the automaton, you also have mechanisms within you to draw you to the world of the real.

Free psychic readings can help you understand what your soul is trying to tell you and what you can do to remain in alignment with your soul.

It will certainly take controlling your ego and its need to dominate your entire experience but it is well worth the battle.