The difference between a psychic, a clairvoyant and a medium are slight.  They are all soul powers but specializes in different ares of human perception.

A medium is someone who is able to channel communication with the unseen world.  In a sense any psychic power is is related to a medium but in a strict medium is dealing with energies that have lingered after they transitioned from the seen world.

A medium is a gatekeeper between two worlds.  They deal with the messages that familiar spirits have given them charge to communicate.

Mediums are not strictly psychopomps, intermediaries between the living and dead, thought they often have deceased individuals speak through them.   They are primarily channelers.

Channeling is not uncommon.  It is simply using yourself as the conduit of energy.  One does this as they dance, writer’s often experience this when characters come alive in their minds and even athletes do this when they focus their energy on reaching the goal.

Being the conduit of energy is something that artist and non artist alike have experienced at some point along their journey.  This makes them at that point a medium.

One who takes on the title of medium is able to completely squash their ego to the point that another spirit is able to speak through them.

An unchecked and imbalanced ego fights for dominance at every possible moment and hinders one from being able to tap into the deeper aspects of their powers.

It hinders them from being in the flow of the spirit and you miss alot when you are not in the flow.



Clairvoyant literally means clear sighted in French. When dealing with a clairvoyant you are dealing with someone who has the ability to clearly see what lies beneath the surface.

Our five senses are trapped in the three dimensional world.  We can be confused by what we see and our perceptions are typically mired by our emotions.

So to see clearly or to see the exact truth of the matter requires a level of objectivity.  Clairvoyance is not an ability of feeling but the ability to see truth.

There is always some intuitive aspect to psychic powers.  To answer the question as how does one know it is the truth that they are seeing and not a projection of the mind, one must use intuition.   But a clairvoyant uses their sight as well as other concrete factors to determine the veracity of what they are seeing.

A clairvoyant person is often highly observant and often will deny their gift.  Because any one can develop the skill of observation to the capacity that they are able to intuit different layers of a situation.

These psychic interactions are just another level of communication.  One level is where one can see spirits.  Not the ghostly figures of forgotten relatives but something as simple the flash of light in the corner of the eye or little light particles that remind one of fireflies.

Another level of clear sighted-ness is to be able to see the slight changes in someone’s behavior or the twitchy give-aways in a person’s demeanor when they are relaying a message to you.  You can tell if its truth they are speaking or if they are trying to hide something.

Because clairvoyance involves seeing the truth of the three dimensional plane, people are often spooked because so much of our Western cultural training involves conformity and false-hoods.

The real power lies in being able to see the clear truth within.  Once you master that being able to see the external truth is a simple matter.

What is a Psychic Reading?

Psychic Readings

There are levels of communication that we as humans participate in. One level is a simple handshake.  Another level would be reading body language.  And another level is verbal communication.  And some people can communicate with each other telepathically via looks and nods.

And then there are deeper conversations of the spirit and the soul that are related to psychic readings.

A spiritual conversation comes from reading some one’s energy.  A deeper aspect of the communication is soul communication.

To be able to have soul conversations is a level of that some are born with or some people are able to develop.   They  are able to take a message from the soul and translate it back to the person.

If you are not able to decode symbols and understand how a cast is being laid out then you cannot have an intelligent conversation with a person’s soul.

When tapping into the soul mission of the individual, you are dealing with them as a deity and the life that the soul is orchestrating for the person.

When you are able to tap into the soul’s black print for your life, you are now in the realm of truly having  a soul conversation.

Psychic readings that deal with spirit conversations are a bit different.  They are usually based on the external factors such as where you are born, where the planets were aligned and even the numbers that are associated with your name.

The spirit is very dynamic and changes constantly and is corruptible.  The work that you do with your life is to redeem your spirit and bring your spirit back into alignment with your soul.

The soul is perfect and does not change.  True psychic readings are a  soul conversation that one has  is really a conversation with self.  If I, as clairvoyant can connect with my the deeper aspects of my soul then I am in a sense connecting with all souls because essentially the soul is the All and All.

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What is a Psychic

What is a Psychic?


The word psychic is at the root of the a Western religion known as Psychology.  Many people do not consider psychology to be a religion but it is derived from the Greek mythology of Psyche and Eros.

Eros was the son of Aphrodite and he fell in love with a woman whose beauty was unblemished by the name of Psyche.  Aphrodite was very jealous of Psyche and caused no man to want to marry her.

One day her family sent her to a monster that may take her.  Upon arriving at he monster’s cliff, the wind name Zephyr lifted her up and she was united with Eros.

There was one condition to their arrangement— she was not gaze upon him.   One day after taking bad advice from her sisters she set a lamp near the bed.  So when he came to visit her that night she gazed at him.  Eros was furious and flew out of the window.  A distraught Psyche followed after him, falling to Earth.

Beside herself she sought the help of Aphrodite.  Aphrodite gave her a series of task that were impossible for the young human but with Eros’s secret help she was able to complete them.

Due to her determination and apparent love, Zeus granted Eros and Psyche permission to be together.


This story is at the root of psychology and what it means to be a psychic. The word psyche means the animating spirit or soul that animates the body vessel.  A psychiatrist is studying your soul.  They are attempting to touch your soul.

A psychic is one who is able to touch and communicate your soul because they communicate with their soul first.  The psychiatrist uses drugs and mental programming to touch the soul.

A psychic goes straight to the soul of the matter. It is an objective process.  Psychic ability can go into their own soul and align their soul with yours.