What is a Psychic

What is a Psychic?


The word psychic is at the root of the a Western religion known as Psychology.  Many people do not consider psychology to be a religion but it is derived from the Greek mythology of Psyche and Eros.

Eros was the son of Aphrodite and he fell in love with a woman whose beauty was unblemished by the name of Psyche.  Aphrodite was very jealous of Psyche and caused no man to want to marry her.

One day her family sent her to a monster that may take her.  Upon arriving at he monster’s cliff, the wind name Zephyr lifted her up and she was united with Eros.

There was one condition to their arrangement— she was not gaze upon him.   One day after taking bad advice from her sisters she set a lamp near the bed.  So when he came to visit her that night she gazed at him.  Eros was furious and flew out of the window.  A distraught Psyche followed after him, falling to Earth.

Beside herself she sought the help of Aphrodite.  Aphrodite gave her a series of task that were impossible for the young human but with Eros’s secret help she was able to complete them.

Due to her determination and apparent love, Zeus granted Eros and Psyche permission to be together.


This story is at the root of psychology and what it means to be a psychic. The word psyche means the animating spirit or soul that animates the body vessel.  A psychiatrist is studying your soul.  They are attempting to touch your soul.

A psychic is one who is able to touch and communicate your soul because they communicate with their soul first.  The psychiatrist uses drugs and mental programming to touch the soul.

A psychic goes straight to the soul of the matter. It is an objective process.  Psychic ability can go into their own soul and align their soul with yours.